THE RED JEWEL


THE RED JEWEL is the sequel to Frank Julius’s BLOOD DICE.

The setting is five years later in the newly formed Russian Federation of the early and mid-nineties. Eldon Davis has expanded his hotel and casino empire into the new Russian frontier. With the fall of the Soviet Union, and the birth of free enterprise virtually overnight, this unusual setting and historical time of turmoil mixed with

THE RED JEWEL has Eldon Davis expanding his hotel and casino empire into the newly formed Russian Federation. Spurred on by the emerging democracy of the former communist regime, Eldon Davis’s Holiday Jewel Hotels tackle his most challenging set of circumstances yet in operating with integrity, while having to deal with The Russian Mafia. Follow Eldon Davis as he takes on his enemies while bringing the world to Moscow through his vision, determination and ingenious solutions to crimes of the century.

A very riveting read of world-class luxury, murder, corruption, sex, violence and service beyond the guest’s expectations. THE RED JEWEL tells the story of the hotel business in the new Russian frontier as you’ve never known it before.


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