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Hungarian Parliment Building on The Danube River in Budapest

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Mosaic Life Tiles is an inside look at the travels and life’s experience in the seven countries where Frank Julius has lived. He shares his adventures in this first in a series of auto- biographic anthologies. He takes the reader on a ride that sees him escaping communism from Hungary as a child but then going full circle in his career path that leads him to Russia and his countless exploits along the way. Frank Julius currently lives in the Kawartha region of Ontario and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and author of suspense novels.

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Frank Julius brings to life his adventures covering forty plus years internationally in the resort hotel business. This first book offers an in depth look at the unique opportunities he has taken advantage of in working and living with a variety of cultures along the way. He talks of his roots in communist East Europe and how immigrating to the west lead to his career in the hospitality industry. Having lived in seven countries and worked in over twenty five properties in finance and operations, both at property level positions as well as corporate executive levels he provides the reader with rare insight to traveling and working. Frank Julius puts the reader into his shoes with his special brand of first person point of view that can leave the reader breathless. He is uniquely qualified to speak on these and other topics as part of his life experience in an autobiographic presentation and is followed up by his suspense fiction crime novel Blood Dice. Look for his upcoming sequel Mosaic Life Squares Biographic Anthology Series 2

2 thoughts on “6: MOSAIC – LIFE TILES”

  1. Hi Frank, thoroughly enjoyed Mosaic Life tiles – when will the next series be available? I will definitely be picking up the other two! I have been talking about your books to others that also shared similar timelines (growing up in the GTA in the late 50’s). Thanks for jogging some memories loose!

    1. Hi Carol:
      Thank you for your kind words. It was my pleasure to have met you. I’m so glad you enjoyed Mosaic Life Tiles and I’m hoping you will equally enjoy Blood Dice and The Red Jewel. Hoping to have Mosaic Life Squares out end of summer this year.
      Once again, my pleasure meeting you.
      Frank Julius

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