A short video presentation of the third novel in t he explosive hotel/resort trilogy adventure series. A great way to get an insight…have a go, you won’t be disappointed.

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My third novel, same main characters as in BLOOD DICE and THE RED JEWEL .  This new novel also features the hotel business, the international hospitality powerhouse, Eldon Davis’s Holiday Jewel Hotels and Casinos.

INN-FORMATION takes the reader to a new level of intrigue and heart-pounding adventure.
It has almost been twenty years since the Iraq war. The ISIF terrorist sleeper cells woven into the fabric of American society have remained dormant but waiting. The time for their nationwide wakeup call has arrived. The ISIF leadership, anchored in Cairo and Baghdad call on the legacy of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs to harbour their Inn-formation throughout Eldon and Kimberley’s newly opened mega-resort hotel at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Time’s running out as the clock ticks to unlocking the secrets of the Pharaohs before ISIF brings America to its knees.
A novel centered on the international hospitality industry facing terrorism across three continents and a virtual lifetime of planning. Eldon’s hotel holds the secret key to INN-FORMATION
Take this emotionally charged complex thrill ride but hang on—it’s going to be fast!


2 thoughts on “4: INN FORMATION”

  1. INN FORMATION is a chilling and gripping political thriller. Although fiction, it has the frightening potential for reality, with aptly described characters. There’s even a little something for puzzle lovers. I quite enjoyed this story. Thank you Frank. 🙂

    (Theresa from Starbucks)

    1. Dear Theresa:
      I am thrilled that you enjoyed INN FORMATION. I was hoping you would. Thank you for the nice words and positive comments.

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