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Frank Julius.

BLOOD DICE epub for kindle or kobo readers – FRANK JULIUS

A new exciting adventure exposing corrupt Governments and Labor Unions conspiring to take control of a Caribbean Resort and Casino empire through murder and kidnapping. Follow Eldon Davis as he embarks on a forced adventure to rescue his daughter, save his company and bring the whole corrupt house of cards falling down.


“Frank Julius”
A veteran of the resort hotel business with an international background. A perfect fit with in depth knowledge of resort hotel and casino environments centered in the Caribbean. Frank brings a wealth of expertise in providing an intricately woven yarn for a thrilling crime novel with a look at the inside workings of the business, and the stresses of daily operations. Frank Julius’ unique story telling ability to blend a crime driven labor union conspiring with island governments and The CIA to control the casinos, and try bringing the protagonist to his knees, only to find themselves entangled in a situation none of them bargained for. Follow Eldon Davis (the protagonist) as he confronts his enemies and discovers new allies. If you love the thrill of the chase, and if you happen to be in the hotel business, then this is a must read novel.



15 thoughts on “2: BLOOD DICE”

    1. Hi Ms. Vaughan: It was my pleasure to have met you. I hope you have a chance to read my novel soon. I look forward to your comments. Thanks again.. I hope you enjoy.
      Frank Julius

    1. Hi Karla, was nice to meet you as well. I certainly hope you enjoy the books, I’m thinking you will.
      Frank Julius

  1. I just finished Blood Dice. I was hooked from the first chapter. Very well written. The characters really come to life. Can’t wait to start the next book. Keep writing!!!!

    1. Hi Ms. Myers: I am so glad you enjoyed my first book BLOOD DICE. I am certain you will enjoy THE RED JEWEL even more. Personally, I think it’s a better book, but then again, it’s up to the reader. Looking forward to hearing what you thought of it after you finish. Best always. Frank Julius.

    2. Hi Karla, I try keeping in touch with my readers. I am just following up on what you may have thought about The Red Jewel. I hope you’ve had time to read it. Once again, thank you for your purchase and I hope I was able to bring a few hours of enjoyment to your mind’s eye. Best
      Frank Julius

  2. Hi Frank,

    It was a pleasure meeting you. I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Dice; yes I read it the same day I bought it.
    Engaging and intriguing. Well written and fascinating plot.
    Great job on portraying the characters.
    I found the entire scenario quite thought provoking; an eye opener to which the complexity of corruption can and does exist, the level of deceit runs deep.
    Looking forward to The Red Jewel.

  3. Just finished Blood Dice which I purchased after meeting you in Chapters in Peterborough on Friday June 15th 2018. I found it captivating! Some very good plot twists and an Excellent Read!
    Right up there with James Patterson!
    It was a pleasure to meet you and am looking forward to reading the rest of your novels!

  4. Hi Frank
    I just finished Blood Dice – I really enjoyed the story. It had all the right amounts of suspense and intrigue that I live on. 🙂

    See you at Starbucks next time you’re in Chapters.

    1. Dear Theresa:
      Thank you for the nice comment on Blood Dice. I am thrilled that you enjoyed the book. It’s reactions like yours that keeps the flame burning bright for me to keep writing. I’m working on my new novel entitled; “Innformation”, hope to have it out the first quarter of 2019
      Thanks again, and it was great to have met you.
      Frank Julius

  5. Just finished reading Blood Dice. I found it intriguing and I wasn’t sure what was going to come next, excellent writing. Just gave it to my niece to read. Looking forward to reading the next book in the sequel.

    1. Dear Vi, thank you so much for that nice comment. It’s comments like yours that keeps my keyboard humming with the sounds of my next novel being written. Frank Julius

  6. I just finished the first of Frank’s 3 novels. Blood Dice was a great read and a real page turner. I can’t wait to start the second novel. Frank is an amazing writer and it is very special to me that he lives in our community. Well done Frank. Keep up the good work.


    1. Dear Martin:
      I am thrilled that you enjoyed my first novel, Blood Dice. It truly was uplifting to read your wonderful comment about my book. I think you will enjoy The Red Jewel and Inn Formation making up the trilogy of Eldon and Kimberley’s global predicaments, solutions and adventures. Comments like yours, are what keeps me going. Best,
      Frank Julius.

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