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“Frank Julius”  was born in Budapest Hungary in 1951.
His childhood in his native homeland was curtailed in 1956 with the Hungarian Uprising that leads to his escaping Hungary with his parents Frank and Isabella to freedom in Canada.
Frank grew up an immigrant’s life in Canada enjoying his new citizenship being educated in Canada and finding his career path in the hospitality industry.
With a nagging thorn in his shoe; Frank found the hospitality business to be a perfect fit for his burning wanderlust pulling him on to travel a good part of the world while advancing in his career in both corporate level finance and property level General Management.

Being Canadian offered Frank an avenue of acceptance to international job postings which saw him living and working and consulting throughout the Caribbean, the USA and Russia. His lifelong professional background in the hospitality business with international resorts forms the foundation for his detailed and well thought out first suspense novel: BLOOD DICE that deals with the resort and casino business.

His first novel of fiction is centered in the Caribbean and South Florida. BLOOD DICE expounds on a corruption scenario pitting the Hotel Business up against greedy labor unions and conspiring island governments mixed with murder and kidnapping. His follow up sequel to BLOOD DICE : The RED JEWEL will tackle the struggle of the hotel business facing the demands and extortion tactics of the Russian Mafia in Moscow Russia.

In addition to BLOOD DICE and upcoming: THE RED JEWEL, Frank has also written his first in a series of Autobiographic Anthologies entitled: MOSAIC LIFE TILES. His first autobiographic segment, in a planned continuing series of books provides an insight to his life’s travels and experiences from childhood life in Hungary; to his adventure escaping the Hungarian Revolution and the hardships facing immigration to a new land and way of life. He opens the doors on life’s hard times, life’s joys, adventures, downfalls, triumphs and appreciation of human interaction in both business dealings and through lasting relationships with family, friends and the loves of his life.

Frank currently makes his home in The Kawarthas cottage country of Ontario Canada. He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast touring Ontario and Canada while enjoying his passion for writing.

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