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Humanity had finally gotten its wish. At least, that is what we all believed and perhaps still believe after almost thirty years. But do we really have what we’ve always wanted?
Everything had changed—our values, our principles, how we conduct our daily lives. How we look at one another, what we see in each other’s eyes, and feel in our souls, or do we still even have souls? We now live; we no longer die. Oh sure, there are those amongst us who just cannot take it any longer and kill themselves or die in accidents, but yes, we no longer die. We have our children, but they, except for a rare few, are now adults too, no matter how young they’ve become. The birth of a newborn human baby makes the news. Yet, the human race soldiers on into a future that no one could have imagined. When will it end? Perhaps with the stellar death of our life-giving sun as it runs out of its nuclear fuel. But until that time comes in this sector of our galaxy, it looks like nature has provided us, humans, with a pathway to eternity if we so choose to take it. Will humanity be able to find its way through this evolutionary change or devolve and disintegrate without the steady infusion of new blood? Only time, of which we now have plenty, will let us know.

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