BORDER HOUSE Step into Gina Garcia’s shoes on her harrowing journey from Honduras to the US/Mexico border. A young mother with two children, yearning for freedom and a future in the land where streets are paved in gold. A heart-wrenching story of hope and survival along the trail. They like thousands, run to escape the violent gangs of Central America. She runs to save her young son from turning into a gangland killer and her daughter from the sex traffickers. Their destiny is America, but America doesn’t want them.
Gina Garcia carries a secret only the American President and his agents know. They must be found and stopped at all costs before reaching the broken, promised land. She runs for the border only to lose more than she could ever hope to find. Who will save Gina and her children from the claws that chase?

Border House is the answer.
A story of the human spirit and its unending desire to live and die in search of freedom. Border House will have you in tears of despair with no one left to trust and nowhere left to go. And tears of joy just when you think all is lost forever. A book for our times and political climate like never before. A story that will have you looking deep within yourself.
The fourth book in the Hotel/Casino Adventure Series. Border House presents a paradigm shift in the US/Mexico border crisis, US immigration services, and US/Mexico cross-border migrant/refugee management.

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